OpenSees Navigator 2.5.9 released

OpenSees Navigator 2.5.9 provides a range of new features including the addition of several material, section, and element interfaces.

  • Added UVC uniaxial and nD materials.
  • Added PlaneStressUser, PlateFromPlaneStress, and
    PlateRebar uniaxial materials.
  • Added ElasticPowerFunc uniaxial material.
  • Added LimitState uniaxial material including limit curves.
  • Added ConcreteDamage2p and FSAM uniaxial materials.
  • Added ModIMK uniaxial materials.
  • Added ElasticTube, Elliptical, and NDFiber line sections.
  • Added LayeredShell area section.
  • Added new shell and triangular area elements.
  • Added quadUP elements.
  • Added brickUP elements and cleaned up other solid elements.
  • Added Perform3D model import and export capability.
  • Updated other model import and export functionalities.
  • Updated writing sequence of objects based on directed graph.
  • Updated model templates to include option to specify slope.
  • Updated all response and design spectra functions.
  • Updated several model geometry interfaces.
  • Fixed several plotting issues.
  • Some other misc bug fixes.
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