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    Teda man

    I tried to model the element to simulate the shear deformations in non linear analysis but the software failed to give me results I don’t know why…But I have some questions below

    1. had you ever tried the joint element and was it successful? if so please help me study it by sharing me the generated Tcl. files

    2.what about the jont 2D element ? can the joint element be assigned? is it like this ;first add zero length element either at the start of a frame element or at the end, then assign theĀ  joint element that you had already defined. I tried another way to assign it and it doesn’t worked out, “add element at the central node, then assign it with the predefined joint element” this actually failed to assign the joint element?

    4. what is the procedure to setup the Reversible cyclic loading scheme?although it is clear to set up one directional Push over loading scheme.

    finally I would be pleased if you are helping me fix these problems


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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