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    Walter Bellotta

    I use frequently CDSWIN SW developed from Soc. STS Italy to model and analyze r.c. frames structures. The Italian SW may also operate as OpenSees Pre-Post processor since allows friendly user input graph and easy OpenSees’ output management. The model management is however limited to only a few specific partial, procedures and the output are really limited . Neverthless the Italian SW allows you to create a .tcl File you can directly import in OpenSees procedure. I would like to import .tcl file directly in OpenSeesNavigator environment to proceed with further manipulations and analysis using the multiple graphical functions of OpenseesNavigator. Unfortunately it seems the imported model is not fully manageable from OpenSeesNavigator that way. I was wandering if it’s possible to import the files .tcl previously created and/or there is any manipulations to do before input in OpenSeesNavigator.


    You can import .tcl files into OpenSeesNavigator by using the “File -> Open Model From File…” command and then select Model-Files so that .tcl files show up.

    However, the import capabilities for .tcl files are fairly limited. As long as your .tcl file does not contain any programming constructs (such as loops, conditions, …) it should at least be able to import the geometry, masses, sp-constraints, mp-constraints and materials of your model. The rest you will have to re-define through the OpenSeesNavigator user interface.

    Walter Bellotta

    Dear Andreas,
    I’ve just done it . I’ ve imported .tcl file and I’ve noticed that only
    geometry, masses, sp-constraints, mp-constraints and materials of model have
    been imported inside OSN procedure.
    The ct.file I generated with other SW contains full procedures for the
    execution of the analysis and I hoped OSN could import and process them.
    Unfortunately you are confirming that after importing the basic geometry of
    the model I must again redefine all the remaining data ( such as data within
    the “Define” procedure ). However I’d like to say you OpenSeesNavigator is
    an excellent user interface and I will try to take the more familiar with it to
    be able to exploit at best.
    I hope you’ll allow me to contact you again for further clarification.
    Thanks a lot for your helpfulness and…. your patience.
    Best regards
    walter bellotta

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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