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    I created a concentrated plasticity 3D model using element zerolength.

    My set up for analysis is:

    constraints Plain;
    numberer RCM;
    system BandGeneral;
    test NormDispIncr 10e-6 1000;
    algorithm NewtonLineSearch;
    integrator LoadControl 0.001;
    analysis Static;
    analyze 5000;

    At the end of analysis I obtained this error:

    WARNING BandGenLinLapackSolver::solve() -LAPACK routine returned 25
    WARNING NewtonRaphson::solveCurrentStep() -the LinearSysOfEqn failed in solve()
    StaticAnalysis::analyze() – the Algorithm failed at iteration: 0 with domain at load factor 0.001

    What can be the error in the model?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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