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    Since the MVLEM element is currently not available in either OpenSees or Navigator, I am planning on creating a script that will produce similar results with rigid elements and springs. I would be happy to share it afterwards, but I wondered if there was any option within Navigator to link my own tcl file into the process. This is mainly because I would like to produce a tcl script that runs a loop to create many vertical springs, rather than manually creating all the nodes and elements in Navigator.

    I only know of the “User Defined Analysis Script” option under the Analysis Options dialog. I don’t know that I can simply reference just any tcl file (especially not a model-defining one) by this method though.

    Can anyone provide some insight?



    I believe that the MVLEM element is available in OpenSees, though I have never used it and don’t know how well it is working.
    If it would be useful I can add that element to the OSN library in the next release. Please let me know.


    Unfortunately, the MVLEM element is not working as of OpenSees 2.4.6, as per correspondence with one of it’s own authors, and Dr. McKenna.

    Since posting this, I’ve found that I had to take my model construction and evolution outside of navigator, in order to build my own variation of an MVLEM element. This is kind of unfortunate, given the excellent post-processing ability.

    Thanks for all your work Dr. Schellenberg,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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