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    Gifari Z

    I am trying to recreate this Basic Truss Example using Navigator. I got this error when running (using Navigator or directly in OpenSees):

    WARNING BandSPDLinLapackSolver::solve() – the LAPACK routines returned 1
    WARNING Linear::solveCurrentStep() -the LinearSOE failed in solve()
    StaticAnalysis::analyze() – the Algorithm failed at iteration: 0 with domain at load factor 1
    OpenSees > analyze failed, returned: -3 error flag

    I input exactly same input with the Example including the analysis options. I even checked the tcl files generated/written by Navigator and couldn’t find significant difference with original code in the Example. If I use elasticBeamColumn element with same properties, it run well and has same result with Example, but it doesn’t work when I use Truss element.

    Here is the mat and tcl files. Any suggestion? Really appreciate your help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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