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    Good morning,

    I’m Eng. Maurizio Giorgi from Sapienza University of Rome. I’m modeling a circular foundation for a wind turbine through OpenSees Navigator.

    I’ve realized a geometric model of the foundation in SAP2000 and I’ve imported it into OpenSees Navigator.

    I’m currently facing two problems: the first is related to the anaysis, the second to the conversion of the SAP2000 model to an OpenSees Navigator one.

    Regarding to the latter, nonlinear elements working only in compression have been modeled to simulate the soil behaviour. Such elements have been placed under the foundation and present different axial behaviour along the radial direction.

    In SAP2000 the above-specified element is named as gap element; since there is not a correspondent element in OpenSees Navigator, I’ve modeled an element in SAP2000 with the same mechanical characteristics of the gap, in order to let OpenSees Navigator recognize it and convert it.

    Once the model in Opensees Navigator has been defined, I’ve noticed that the elements modeling the soil have not been correctly recognized by OpenSees Navigator. My questions are:

    1. How can I model such elements in OpenSees Navigator?

    2. How can I model the constraints of such elements?

    Regarding to the first problem, I’ve tried to perform a nonlinear static analysis but the model have not run. Is there any reference where I find detail regarding the definition of the setting of the nonlinear static analysis in Opensees Navigator?

    I’ve attached the created OpenSees Navigator model. Thank you for the attention.


    Eng. Maurizio Giorgi

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