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    Hi to all, I’m new of this forum.

    Till now I have used Navigator for simple structural modeling without difficulties, but now I’m trying to modelate a soil liquefaction problem with, but I meet  many  difficulties:

    1) for example when I generate elements called “Brick8N_u_p_U” I discover that the correct code called “BrickUp” (that I belive to write) element is not written, instead there is in the .tcl file a thing like “Brick8NupU” that belongs to any element in the OpenSees library (I think). I can correct this by a simple find and replace element in .tcl file, but remains a problem.

    2) How can I give pore pressure fixities to my nodes?

    3) How can I switch material stage from elastic (gravity) to plastic (loading sequence)?

    I hope to recive some help for my problem,

    have a nice day,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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