Standalone Win

OpenSees Navigator is also available as a standalone executable application for Windows systems. This allows you to run OpenSees Navigator without having to install Matlab on your PC. Instead of installing Matlab, you will only have to install and download the Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR) libraries, which are freely available from the Mathworks website. Please follow the instructions below to install and run OpenSees Navigator as a standalone application.

Installation Instructions:

  1. To download OpenSees Navigator please register first, if you have not done so yet.
  2. Log in and download the OpenSees Navigator zip file containing the standalone executable for your platform.
  3. Download the appropriate version of the Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR) libraries for your platform. Important: You can find the correct version of the MCR from the readme.txt file that comes with the OpenSees Navigator application.
  4. Install the MCR libraries by executing MCRInstaller.exe and following the on-screen instructions.
  5. Unzip the files in any directory of your choice and then execute OpenSeesNavigator.exe.
  6. If you like you can create a shortcut to OpenSeesNavigator.exe on your Desktop.
  7. Important: Typically it is necessary to start OpenSees Navigator twice the very first time for it to initialize some internal variables correctly.
  8. Please note: starting the compiled application takes approximately the same amount of time as starting Matlab, so please be patient.

Older Versions: