PEER is looking for feedback on OpenSees Navigator. Any comments related to the enhancement of its features and functionality are requested so that this information can be used to improve the software platform. Please enter your comments below, and the PEER staff will respond to your feedback as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful response.

  1. Ankur Jain says:

    Reference to non-existent field ‘Node’.

    Error in AnimateResponse (line 71)

    Error using waitforallfiguresclosed (line 14)
    Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

    I am getting this error when I click to see the animated response…. I have tried all examples given on OpenSeesNavigator website….But all the Examples are giving me this same error when i click to see the animated response.

  2. Clevis says:

    Hallo Andreas,

    thanks for developing this tool. How or where can I get Units system which is used in OSN? For example Iz(Moment of inertia) or E (elasticity modulas).


  3. Milad Ehteshami says:

    hi, can we use zero length elements in navigator?

  4. vittoria says:

    hi, are there in opensees navigator the materials called “uniaxialMaterial LimitState” and “limitCurve Shear”

    Thank you.

  5. vedatrayee acharya says:

    Sir, i had create a 3-D R.C. frame model but after running this model it is giving error message such
    error using fileread (line 22)
    could not open file rcc frame.log. No such file or directory
    error in run opensees (line 270)
    error using wait for all figures closed (line 9)
    error while evaluating pushtool clicked call back
    sir please help me

  6. Subh says:

    Dear Admin
    How can I pre and post process OpenSees Navigator results in MATLAB? Are the analysis results stored inside any file and how to retrieve those? Thanks

  7. Subh says:

    Dear Admin,
    Please implement Tuned Liquid Column Damper
    Code in OpenSees Navigator.

  8. sraza says:

    Hi Andreas,

    I am using OpenSees navigator version 2.5.8 with MCR (R 2017a) 9.2. When I try to open any of my tcl file it gives me the error “Unable to import model from tcl-file. File was not found or could not be read. Please check command prompt for error message”.

    On the command prompt I see the following messages

    “Unable to read line (5) “set dataDir Data; ”
    and few more messages like this with set command, though the code works fine with opensees source code.

  9. Ripper says:

    Can we get the respective code for the model we design in navigator?

    • Andreas Schellenberg says:

      When you write the OpenSees input files before you run an analysis, a sub-directory called TCLFiles is created in the model directory. All the Tcl files will be there.

  10. Duan Nguyen says:

    Dear developers,
    I am modeling a bridge structure with shell elements for RC Slab. I write the code in tcl, and use the OpenSeesNavigator to open the tcl file. However, the shell elements could not display in the OSN. Could you please give me an advice on this problem?
    Thank you very much.
    Duan Nguyen

  11. Venkatesh says:

    How do I see the Displacement Results and Element Forces Values, stress strain values in the Opensees Navigator Matlab P.code. Only deformed shape can be seen but not the values. Please help me with it. Thank you

  12. QK WANG says:

    When I click the Run OpenSees button after importing ant example you provide, Matlab will inform me that:

    Undefined function ‘contains’ for input arguments of type ‘char’.

    Error in D:\OpenSEES\Navigator\General\RunOpenSees.p>RunOpenSees (line 76)

    Error while evaluating uipushtool ClickedCallback

    How to deal with this problem? Thanks!

    My Matlab edition is 2013 and window system is win10.

    • Andreas Schellenberg says:

      This issue has been fixed in version 2.5.7 (Build 550). The ‘contains’ command was newly introduced in Matlab R2016b. For backward compatibility, version 2.5.7 (Build550) is no longer using the ‘contains’ command.

  13. sci707 says:

    Dear Andreas and Tony,

    Thanks a lot for developing this nice tool.
    One question: Are you planning to implement any u-p elements into OSN? Thanks.

    Best regards,

  14. jawwadkhan says:

    Can anyone tell me
    -Can I import sap2000 into opensees?
    If it is possible kindly tell me:
    -How can I do it?

    • Andreas Schellenberg says:

      Yes, you can import SAP2000 .s2k files into OpenSees Navigator. Please export your SAP2000 model into an .s2k file, then import it into OSN by opening the .s2k file. Please note: since there is no one-to-one relationship between SAP2000 and OpenSees objects not everything will be converted, so it is necessary to carefully check a model after the import.

  15. Jay says:

    I am trying to run OpenSees Navigation on a Windows 7 64 bit machine. When I open OpenSeesNavigator I get a disclaimer message. After I click OK to the disclaimer a screen pops up for just a moment and then dissappears. I can tell that it is the flash screen for Open Navigator but it disappears quickly. Do you have any suggestions?

    I loaded the latest version of : MCR_R2015a_win64_installer, OpenSees2.4.6-x64.exe, and OpenSeesNavigator2.5.5-win64. I loaded TCL into C:\Program Files\Tcl. I made sure that the C:\Program Files\TCL is in the path statement. If I enter puts $tcl_version in OpenSees, I receive the message 8.5

  16. perou says:

    I installed version 2.5.5 today. Material nD Drucker-Prager is not listed as available.
    However, the version log says that it is available.

    Please clarify.

    Thank you

    • Andreas Schellenberg says:

      Thanks for letting us know about this bug. Build 518 has been uploaded with the fix.
      Please start using the new Forum capabilities to post bug reports!

  17. kengawk says:

    Now I am sure that the ver2.5.4 and 2.5.5 cannot work properly under winXP 64bit system.
    You can’t add a simple point with the ver2.5.5.
    And the ver2.5.4 could create the tcl files but fail to run the analysis.
    and warning message shows that Missing TCL Files:The TCL OpenSees input files are missing.Plsease use the “Write OpenSees files” command under the Analyze menu to do so.
    Then I found that the problem may be the worng syntax in node file with an unknown tag -ndf 1 and -ndf 2.

    the above may be helpful,perhaps noone use winXP anymore.

    • kengawk says:

      Thanks for those examples! Now I have to get back what I said a moment ago…
      Those examples could run under winXP 64bit system now.

      How could I build a mode for my own? I have to look into the format of a mat file?

    • kengawk says:

      and I downloaded the lastest version and MCR2015b_win64.
      This version can’t work in winXP 64bit system.
      The error message is failed to located the entrance point of the program CancelIoEx within dynamic link libary KERNEL32.dll.
      Maybe the best choice for me is changing to Win7.


      • Andreas Schellenberg says:

        Since Windows XP has reached its end-of-life we are no longer able to debug OpenSees Navigator for this operating system and we can not guarantee that the software will still install and run without issues. Please consider upgrading to a newer operating system.
        Thanks for your understanding.

        • kengawk says:

          Thanks for your patience.Ireally appreciate it.
          and I found that it seems the number of section is limited during importing a s2k file. The version 2.5.5 in win7 64bit always fail to import s2k file. maybe I could try it piecewise again.

          • Andreas Schellenberg says:

            Can you please email me your s2k file, so that I can debug the problem?
            Also, please start using the new Forum capabilities to post bug reports, etc!

  18. lyw0102 says:

    Dear developers, in navigator 2.5.5
    when I add node manually, It turns out an error “引用了不存在的字段’Type'”. 出错PlotModel, 出错AddNode, error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

    • Andreas Schellenberg says:

      Sorry about this. The bug got introduced in the last version. Please download version 2.5.5 again. The latest build 514 should have this fixed.

  19. kovacsma says:

    Hello, and thanks very much for the excellent OpenSees interface.

    Perhaps what is required more than anything, is the active discussion forum that OpenSees (as a framework) has in the phpBB forum. Is there any way you can host something similar?

    (More immediately though, I am interested in creating my own node numbering format — nodes will be 100, elements 200, etc… Any recommendation on the method I might do this? The only means I can think of involve manually altering all tags in all the tcl files, which is obviously cumbersome)

    • Andreas Schellenberg says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into adding a discussion forum.
      As for the user defined node numbering capability, unfortunately that is currently not possible in OSN. I will see if I can come up with an easy way to add this capability to the next version.

  20. kengawk says:

    Dear developers,
    Thanks for your nice job.I downloaded the version2.5.0-5 for 32bit and 64bit pc with xp and win7.
    the problems are as following:
    I found that only version 2.5 can load mat file and convert into tcl files and analysis.
    I failed to build a single model to make a simple static analysis,’non-existence of NDF’always shown when I convert tcl files .following the newest tutorial video,I failed to add a single point using version 2.5.5.
    after I input 2 for ndm and 3 for ndf, program only permit to input 3 points. I guess the program mistakes the ndf for number of points? and when I add the coordinates for the point, the error message is as the following :
    Reference to non-existent field ‘type’
    Error in PlotModel (line 99)
    Error in AddNode (line 150)
    Error while evaluating UIControl Callback

    I really appreciate it if you can help me

    Best regards


    • Andreas Schellenberg says:

      Sorry about the problems. The new version should now work fine. Please download the latest version and try again. I also posted several examples that might be helpful: OSN Examples

  21. cgtydmrc says:

    Hi Andreas and Tony,

    I have realized and wanted to point out here, when one uses Edit>Element>Add mesh option in Navigator, Navigator creates new mesh elements but the nodes around new mesh elements do not have any degrees of freedom. This leads to an error in the analysis stage and requests more time to users to edit the degrees of freedoms of each new created nodes before running the analysis. I hope new version of Navigator will not have the same deficiency.

    Kind regards,

  22. Cagatay Demirci says:

    Hi Andreas,

    I was wondering how to use Divide/Join Area/Solid Element function. I have tried several times to use it but I could not handle it. Could you give me hand? For example I have 2 area elements with 6 nodes and I would like to divide them into two separate elements. How could I do it?

    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards,

    • Andreas Schellenberg says:

      There has been several bugs in the divide/join element functionality. Thanks for pointing this out! Several fixes have been implemented in version 2.5.5. However, not everything is working perfectly yet, but I am working on it.

  23. Cagatay Demirci says:

    Dear Andreas,

    I am trying to model a timber shear wall in Navigator using shell elements starting with a single wall, but some time I need to copy the nodes and elements to build up the whole structure. When I hit Edit->Node/Element->Copy is says the function has not been implemented yet. If it worked, it would help a lot to me. Would you suggest anyway to duplicate nodes in order to create a connection point please?

    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards,

    • Andreas Schellenberg says:

      The ability to copy nodes has been added to version 2.5.5. The ability to copy elements is in progress of being implemented and will follow soon.

  24. Mimo says:

    Dear Andreas & Tony
    Thanks for your nice job about the OpenSees Navigator. The program is now much appealing than its former versions. However, there still are some bugs to report.
    The first is about tcl writing of the tags of material used to be serried or paralleled together where they are written with no spaces in between.
    The other common problem is recording and loading the output files as sometimes the software create empty output files which cannot be loaded.

    Thanks and regards

    • Andreas Schellenberg says:

      Thanks for the helpful feedback. We will try to fix these issues in the next release.
      It would be helpful if you could send us an example for debugging that demonstrates the second issue you are reporting.

  25. Hernan Garcia says:

    Dear developers,
    I have problems importing form, SAP2000 v16.1.0 ultimate to OpenSeesNavigator, I tried several times, however when I open the .s2k file in OpenSeesNavigator, the following error is displayed “Unable to import model. File was not found or could not be read. Please check commnad prompt for error message”. Then, the promt in matlab shows:

    “Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
    Error in ReadS2Kfile (line 83)
    Error in LoadModel (line 149)
    Error in LoadModel (line 81)”

    I really appreciate if you can help me

    Best regards

    Hernan Garcia

    • Andreas Schellenberg says:

      We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. The problem is caused by the new behavior (with regards to handling quoted strings) of the textscan function starting with Matlab R2014b.

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